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Public Appreciation via Kudos

Publicly appreciate employees on the platforms you use most
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Simple Kudos Giving Process

PerkSweet Overview

Kudos-Based Engagement Program

PerkSweet uses a simple and intuitive Kudos giving system to spur engagement across different employees & teams at your company.

Each user receives a monthly allowance of Kudos to give away to co-workers. Our intuitive Kudos giving process enables users to write a meaningful message and even include a Gif!

Our team of engagement specialists can help you construct Kudo-norms based on company values/preferences. Receiving Kudos can make an employee's day and contribute to a culture of positivity at your company — ultimately lowering turnover!

When Should Kudos Be Sent?

Employees can and should send Kudos for anything! This includes helping out on a project, reliably performing tasks, making a sale, closing a deal, taking extra care on an assignment, driving an initiative, and much more. If it's worth mentioning — send them Kudos!

P.S. don't like the sound of Kudos? We can help.

Public Recognition via Kudos Feed

PerkSweet Overview

PerkSweet displays Kudos on a public Kudos feed for everyone at your company to see. This allows your company's superstars to be recognized by everyone for their hard work.

PerkSweet easily integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email, allowing you to leverage the PerkSweet platform without changing your daily workflow. PerkSweet will display Kudos directly to a channel of your choice!

Celebrate Special Occasions!

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Celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries creates a positive and supportive workplace culture and shows appreciation for employees' contributions to the company.

Birthday / Work Anniversary Announcements
Birthday / Work Anniversary Reminders
Birthday / Work Anniversary Rewards
Specialized Gifts

Whether it's a simple birthday wish, an eCard, or a fantastic reward, PerkSweet can help!

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Group Gifting & Team Appreciation

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Holiday Wishes

Gift Kudos with a holiday message to celebrate special days and improve employee experience.

Key Company & Team Milestones

Gift Kudos to multiple people at once to recognize and celebrate the contributions of various teams or the entire company!

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