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Public Appreciation via Kudos

Showcase achievements with our public appreciation
suite, right on your most-used platforms.

Showcase achievements with our public appreciation suite, right on your most-used platforms.

Simple Kudos Giving Process

Kudos available to give away: 10,000
Company Value:
Gratitude for your unwavering perseverance in driving our project forward - you're making it happen!👍🎉🎁👏

Boost Employee Engagement with Kudos

PerkSweet's Kudos system enhances employee engagement through a monthly "engagement allowance" for staff to share accolades with peers via personalized messages and Gifs. Customizing Kudos protocols with our engagement experts can reinforce your unique company culture, boosting positivity and reducing turnover rates.

When to Recognize Individuals or Teams

Award Kudos for any noteworthy achievement, whether it's project collaboration, consistent performance, or exceeding task expectations. Establishing recognition guidelines with our team can standardize appreciation, fostering morale and productivity.

Infuse Corporate Values into Employee Recognition

Seamlessly integrate your corporate values into employee recognition with PerkSweet's Kudos platform. This not only enriches each recognition but also bolsters company culture, encouraging the embodiment of these values in daily tasks and interactions.

Boost Employee Recognition with PerkSweet's Public Kudos Feed

Luis Heidenreich sent Kudosto Cierra Bosco for Integrity
Thank you for helping me through that jam with the client! Know it was not an easy fix and you came through in a big way💯😀😀🎁🎉
Cierra Bosco
3 weeks ago

Spotlight Your Top Performers

PerkSweet's communal feed highlights your standout employees for all to see, boosting company-wide recognition.

All-in-One Integration for Effortless Recognition

Easily sync PerkSweet with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email. Choose your preferred channel and get Kudos notifications delivered right where you work.

Elevate Milestone Celebrations with PerkSweet

Birthday / Work Anniversary Announcements
Make every employee feel special by publicly announcing birthdays and work anniversaries, fostering a culture of positivity and appreciation.
Birthday / Work Anniversary Reminders
Never miss an important date again. Our automated reminders help you celebrate milestones, spurring more smiles and boosting engagement.
Birthday / Work Anniversary Rewards
Go beyond a simple 'Happy Birthday' or 'Congrats' with tangible rewards. Employees can choose from our extensive catalog of 100+ leading brands to make the day memorable.
Specialized Gifts
Offer aspirational gifts like tech gadgets or vacation days to make milestones truly special, enhancing your company's culture and employee wellbeing.

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