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Sweets / Badges for Corporate Values & Employee Accomplishments

Demonstrate corporate values and spur employee engagement using platforms already at your company's disposal
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Highly Configurable Sweets

PerkSweet Overview

Sweets build on core company values and empower employees at your organization as they gain more Sweets on PerkSweet!

What Are Sweets?

Sweets are employee badges that remain on profiles for all to see! Sweets are publicly recognized and can be paired with Kudos to redeem for real rewards.

Your company likely already has a similar recognition program — think Employee of the Month, Learning / LMS Programs, Culture Awards, Mentorship Awards, etc.

Why Should We Use Sweets?

Sweets / Badges are core to the employee recognition playbook. They allow companies to focus on accomplishments and provide achievable goals to employees.

Inspire Engagement & Exemplary Behavior

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Sweets are a great way to reward employees for demonstrating key company values. Sweets also work as an easy way to reward employees for specific achievements and course completions.

For example, reward any employee who completes optional coursework, recruits a talented employee to join the company, or volunteers at a company charity event.

At PerkSweet, we help configure Sweets on behalf of your company based on company values and to best spur employee engagement. Sweets help drive momentum to any engagement initiative!

Configuring Sweets for Your Company

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Publicly recognize achievements and continuously recognize employees in the form of badges for all to see
Link Sweets up with real rewards to spur additional engagement and incentivize coporate values
Integrate Sweets with external APIs such as Learning Management Systems, Compliance Platforms, CRMs, and more!
PerkSweet's Sweets are highly configurable and automatable based on specified criteria in PerkSweet or can be triggered by a company administrator
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