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About PerkSweet

At PerkSweet, we pioneer a positive transformation in workplaces through our innovative employee engagement software, making every day at work a rewarding experience.
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PerkSweet Overview

Rooted in Boston, PerkSweet's influence spans globally, reshaping work cultures one organization at a time.

Born with the mission to value every employee, PerkSweet cultivates positive work environments, propelling organizations towards success and employee satisfaction.

Partnering with enterprises worldwide, PerkSweet's platform elevates employee engagement, driving productivity and creating joyful work atmospheres.


PerkSweet Overview

The paradigm shift to remote work in 2020 fueled our resolve to bridge the engagement gap among employees, nurturing a culture of appreciation and inclusivity. PerkSweet believes a single act of kindness benefits employees' well-being and other factors like retention, sense of community, quality of work, mental health, and workplace inclusion.

We hope every company will implement an employee rewards platform.

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