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PerkSweet's Partner Program

Enhance your product offering by adding a rewards & recognition platform
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Easily Integrate Our Whitelabeled Platform to Drive Meaningful Growth - Fully Customizable & Branded

PerkSweet Overview

Kudos-Based Recognition Program

Take your platform to the next level by adding an employee engagement module into your product suite! Our low cost, turnkey software provides all the bells and whistles you need to help your customers keep their employees engaged and happy. It's easy to get started and we'll handle all the details.

Our rewards platform includes 300+ gift cards in 30+ currencies, real rewards (airpods, kitchen appliances, apparel, etc.), health-focused rewards, charities, and more! Our platform also enables custom rewards to further accommodate customer's favorite redemption options.

Our employee engagement & rewards platform is fun to use and can help you expand your reach within the company. PerkSweet will handle all the ongoing support & maintenance.

Easily grow bookings and revenue by adding a rewards & recognition platform to your product suite

PerkSweet offers full white labeling of our innovative employee engagement & rewards platform to enhance our partners' platforms/services. Our highly-flexible software enables employees to send virtual points to colleagues, which can then be redeemed for real rewards from our extensive catalog.
According to Gallup, companies that implement employee recognition programs like PerkSweet have a 31% lower voluntary turnover and are more productive than comparable companies without recognition programs. Culture is built over many years, and adding PerkSweet to a growing organization is a cost-effective way to show employees you care about them beyond a paycheck.

Why Partners Choose PerkSweet

Instant Gift Cards
Top-Branded Merchandise
30+ Currencies
Charities & Health


Tailor customers' reward catalog to meet their specific needs and budget

Add custom items like company swag, lunch with an executive, and PTO days


PerkSweet provides training and support materials for your sales team

Dedicated support with quick response times

Helping SaaS / Services Companies Grow

Enhance Your Product Suite

Quickly launch a white-labeled or custom-branded recognition & rewards program.

Grow your sales and improve customer usage.

Customized engagement program that fits within your product/services suite.

Turnkey go-to-market with pre-made materials and sales support.

Flexible Pricing & Packaging

Implement a flat monthly subscription or usage-based pricing model.

Attractive economics for partners.

Simple Set-Up and Hands-Off Management

Fast turnaround; PerkSweet will have your platform ready in two days.

PerkSweet manages fulfillment and service, so there’s little effort required on your part.

Leverage Your Brand

Align your rewards program with your brand's image and personality.

Consistent look and feel for your rewards platform that matches your existing offering.

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Robust Reward Approval Process

PerkSweet Overview

Our flexible reward approval process ensures that rewards given to employees are legitimate and in compliance with company policies.

PerkSweet enables seamless individual reward approval to adhere to strict guidelines set by its partners. We guarantee fairly distributed rewards and provide full company control over reward budget and overall expenditure.

Once a reward has been approved, it is processed and delivered to the employee entirely via the PerkSweet platform.

Additionally, our software provides transparency and accountability for customers and partners. All reward requests and approvals are tracked and logged within the PerkSweet platform, which can be analyzed within the platform or exported to excel.

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More Than Just Rewards & Recognition

  1. We also offer a range of features that allow users to recognize colleagues in creative and meaningful ways, ranging from personalized digital cards to customizable badges and group gifting - all fully included. A partnership with PerkSweet includes the full "Sweet"!
Celebrate Milestones
Celebrate important milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries - fully automated.
Group / Holiday Gifting
Our program allows company administrators to send group gifts that everyone will enjoy. Send them for company anniversaries, holidays, appreciation months, and more!
Customizable Badges
Our platform enables administrators to design custom badges based on your company's culture and values.
Digital Group eCards
Unlimited digital group ecards that allow everyone to contribute a personalized message for special occasions like promotions, life events, and more. Include video messages to make them even more meaningful.


Contact us to learn more about how you can use PerkSweet to enhance your company's product offerings