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Partner Program

Enhance Your Product by Adding a Rewards Program
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Why Build from Scratch When You Can Easily Add-on

PerkSweet Overview

Kudos-Based Engagement Program

Are you looking to take your engagement game to the next level? Check out our Kudos-Based Engagement Program! Our platform provides all the bells and whistles you need to keep your customers engaged and happy.

With our rewards program, you can offer perks such as gift cards and swag to your customers without worrying about the logistics. It's easy to get started, and we'll handle all the details.

Our turnkey program is designed to help you boost customer loyalty and drive revenue. So don't wait any longer.

Add PerkSweet's digital rewards solution to your platform and watch your engagement soar! Try it out today!

Demonstrated Partner Success

PerkSweet Overview

PerkSweet has been partnering with SaaS companies to revolutionize their rewards programs.

Our points-based platform integrates seamlessly with your existing employee engagement tools, making it easy to offer your customers a comprehensive solution.

Ready to enhance your offerings and take your platform to the next level? PerkSweet's rewards platform is the perfect complement to your existing solutions - and the setup couldn't be simpler!

Discover how PerkSweet can help you drive customer engagement and loyalty today.

Helping SaaS Companies Grow

Broaden your suite of digital solutions by adding PerkSweet rewards program.

Quickly launch a white-labeled or custom branded robust rewards program.

Grow your sales and delight your customers.

Customize the program to suit your needs.

Receive sales training and support.


Easily link to the rewards platform from your existing services.

Ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

Easy Set-Up And Management

Fast turnaround; PerkSweet will have your platform ready in two days.

PerkSweet manages fulfillment and service, so there’s little effort required on your part.

Leverage Your Brand.

Choose a custom branded or white-labeled rewards platform to align your rewards program with your brand's image and personality.

Select a consistent look and feel for your rewards platform that matches your existing offering.

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More than just Rewards

  1. Our rewards program is about more than just the traditional perks. We offer a range of features that allow you to recognize your employees in creative and meaningful ways, from personalized digital cards to customizable badges and group gifts. So why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach when you can give your team the recognition they deserve?
Celebrate Milestones:
In addition to offering traditional rewards,our program also allows you to celebrate important milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries.
Digital Group Cards:
With our program, you can create digital group cards that allow everyone to contribute a personalized message. It's a great way to build team spirit and foster a sense of community.
Customizable Sweets/Badges:
Our program enables you to design custom sweets/badges that reflect your company's culture and values, which can significantly boost employee morale.
Group and holiday gifting:
Our program allows you to send group gifts that everyone can enjoy. And with holiday gifting options, you can spread a little cheer and show your team that you care.

Why Partners Choose PerkSweet

Gift cards
Top-branded merchandise
Digital rewards


Your customers can tailor the rewards catalog to meet their needs and budget

They can add custom items like company swag and PTO days


PerkSweet provides training and support materials for your sales team

We are dedicated to supporting our partners and are quick to respond


Contact us to learn more about how you can use PerkSweet to enhance your employee rewards.