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Lower Voluntary Turnover & Increase Productivity

Companies with highly effective recognition programs focused on employee engagement have 31% lower voluntary turnover

According to Gallup

Keep Your Best People

PerkSweet Overview

Research-Backed Method to Reduce Turnover

Research consistently shows that companies with employee recognition systems keep their best-performing people the longest & create a positive environment for new top talent.

According to Jobvite 32% of new hires who quit within the first 90 days of their employment cite company culture as their main reason for leaving.

Increase Productivity

PerkSweet Overview

Positive feedback from PerkSweet's platform does more than just help build an inclusive culture at work. Frequent small rewards like Kudos can help increase employee productivity too.

A recent HubSpot Study found that 69% of workers said they would work harder if they were better appreciated. Gallup also found that companies with highly engaged workforces scored 17% higher on productivity measures.

PerkSweet Overview

Lower Hiring & Training Costs

PerkSweet Overview

Reward Employees Directly

Spend goes directly to the employees who appreciate it most. PerkSweet is a low-cost way to support employees fairly and positively every day. Our platform allows you to easily monitor and measure employee engagement and rewards.

Lower Reward Cost Using Company Perks

PerkSweet allows you to create unlimited custom employee rewards for items your company already gives as gifts. These could include company swag, gift cards, vacation days, remote working weeks, and much more! This allows you to benefit your employees for only the low subscription cost of the platform and no external rewards.

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