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Digital Group eCard Solution

Send unlimited Group eCards to anyone for any occasion!
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Celebrate Any Occasion!

Welcome, little one!
Animated GIF showing the message "It`s a Boy!" and highlighting the collaborative and personalized nature of PerkSweet`s group cards.

Blanche, congratulations on the baby boy! Welcome him to the company fam! 😎🎉

We are all thinking of you and enjoy the time off. Don't you dare log on!!

From Jakayla Padberg

So happy for you, Blanche! I hope your dog Rover is excited to have a little brother  (watch out, I hear she can get jealous). Have a great leave!

From Korey Lind V
Animated GIF showing a playing baby and highlighting the collaborative and personalized nature of PerkSweet's group cards.

Have a great leave Blanche! Get some rest while you still can...


From Luis Heidenreich
Animated GIF showing a baby on the grass and highlighting the collaborative and personalized nature of PerkSweet's group cards.

Congratulations Blanche!!

Can't wait for my Mark (who says hi from the picture above!) and Baby Blanche to be best friends very soon!

Let me know if you need anything while you are out  😊 

From Daphnee Cormier

Congratulations, Blanche! We will take care of everything while you are out. Any baby would be lucky to have you as a mom!

Be well.

From Lennie Klocko
Animated GIF showing a happy dog and highlighting the collaborative and personalized nature of PerkSweet's group cards.

I am as happy as this dog for you Blanche! Cannot WAIT to meet him.

Congrats again and let me know if you need anything!!

From Cordia Stamm

Be sure to add superstar mom to your already long list of amazing qualities!  🌟

Congratulations and wishing you a great first month!

From Amya O'Keefe III
Animated GIF showing a dancing baby with a congratulatory message and highlighting the collaborative and personalized nature of PerkSweet's group cards.

Woo!! Can't believe it! Congratulations and can't wait to meet the little one!

From Rebekah Hermann

Congrats Blanche! So amazing to add another member to your family. See you soon and get some rest  💤   💤

From Nat Beatty

Unlimited Free Group Cards

PerkSweet allows you to build free Digital Group Card for any occasion. Whether a colleague received a promotion, got married, had a baby, or was a rockstar on a recent project, our group eCards are a perfect solution to celebrate.

Write a Meaningful Message

Digital group cards deliver a powerful message to colleagues for any occasion. These highly interactive eCards allow multiple users to enter a customizable message, add a Gif, and even add a video!

Card creators can choose from preset themes or build their own — PerkSweet will take care of all the administrative tasks and reminders.

Capture Amazing Moments

Screenshot of PerkSweet's Group Card Themes page, showing various templates for creating personalized digital cards for different occasions.

... and many more!

Create & Customize Digital Group Cards!

PerkSweet's digital group card creation platform allows users to fully customize each eCard. Choose from one of our many themes & backgrounds to reflect any occasion.

Each contributor can upload their own media or choose dynamically from a library of Gifs to help amplify the message.

Straightforward Selection Process

Screenshot showing the process of adding contributors to a card on PerkSweet's group card feature.

Tag Individuals or Full Teams as Contributors

For all occasions that should be recognized in a group setting, PerkSweet'digital group cards can help. Utilize set teams to ensure no one gets left out and dynamically add anyone at any time to the card.

Share with Co-Workers and Loved Ones!

PerkSweet's digital group cards can be shared externally with no login required. Share the most important moments from work with the most important people in your life.

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