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Show Appreciation

Employee rewards platform that allows you to show your appreciation for those that go above and beyond everyday
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Build a Workplace Community

Our platform gives your team a variety of ways to show employee appreciation

PerkSweet Overview
Spur employee engagement through our innovative multi-faceted approach centered around employee experience
Publicly recognize employees with our innovative Kudos-based employee engagement program
Reward employees across the globe with our vast catalog of 100+ brands in 30+ currencies
Send Group eCards to celebrate meaningful milestones or accomplishments
Never forget birthdays and work anniversaries
Incentivize learning and key accolades with PerkSweet's "Sweets" using our external API

Spend Directly on Your Employees

PerkSweet Overview

PerkSweet's rewards capabilities enable you to allocate spending back to your employees and allow them to use it how they want!

Our extensive catalog of 100+ brands in 30+ currencies will guarantee employees find the perfect reward for them.

Reward Birthdays & Work Anniversaries

PerkSweet Overview

PerkSweet automatically provide Kudos and public recognition to employees on birthdays and work anniversaries. Show your people how much you value them on the days that matter most, and reward those who stick around the longest!

Employees will be reminded of these special days and encouraged to send group eCards. An easy way to take a significant step towards a culture built on positivity.

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