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Employee Engagement & Rewards Platform

PerkSweet lets you easily say thank you, congrats, farewell, great job, and much more to your team.
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Build a Workplace Community.

How can PerkSweet help?
PerkSweet Overview

Show your team you care.

PerkSweet allows users to provide virtual rewards for helping others through incentivizing exemplary behavior and enhancing relationships.

Rewards can be redeemed in the form of custom rewards or gift cards from our 50+ partner brands across 20+ currencies!

30 days free with no credit card required!

Intuitive Rewards

PerkSweet Overview

Showing employee appreciation is an essential part of a thriving workplace. PerkSweet gives organizations the opportunity to reward employees using kudos.

Kudos make employees feel valued and provide positive reinforcement. Positivity spreads, drives engagement, and keeps people happy. Help make your workplace a community with PerkSweet.


Amplify Personal Connections with Cards

Welcome, little one!

Blanche, congratulations on the baby boy! Welcome him to the company fam! 😎🎉

We are all thinking of you and enjoy the time off. Don't you dare log on!!

From Jakayla Padberg

So happy for you, Blanche! I hope your dog Rover is excited to have a little brother  (watch out, I hear she can get jealous). Have a great leave!

From Korey Lind V

Have a great leave Blanche! Get some rest while you still can...


From Luis Heidenreich

Congratulations Blanche!!

Can't wait for my Mark (who says hi from the picture above!) and Baby Blanche to be best friends very soon!

Let me know if you need anything while you are out  😊 

From Daphnee Cormier

Congratulations, Blanche! We will take care of everything while you are out. Any baby would be lucky to have you as a mom!

Be well.

From Lennie Klocko

I am as happy as this dog for you Blanche! Cannot WAIT to meet him.

Congrats again and let me know if you need anything!!

From Cordia Stamm

Be sure to add superstar mom to your already long list of amazing qualities!  🌟

Congratulations and wishing you a great first month!

From Amya O'Keefe III

Woo!! Can't believe it! Congratulations and can't wait to meet the little one!

From Rebekah Hermann

Congrats Blanche! So amazing to add another member to your family. See you soon and get some rest  💤   💤

From Nat Beatty

PerkSweet allows you to build Group Cards for any occasion. Whether it's a colleagues birthday, wedding day, or congratulations are in order— PerkSweet Group Cards can deliver a powerful message.
PerkSweet Group Cards allow you to enter a customizable message, choose a variety of themes, and PerkSweet will take care of all the administrative portions.
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PerkSweet will remind you of co-workers birthdays and work anniversaries in advance!

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Companies with highly effective recognition programs focused on employee engagement have 31% lower voluntary turnover

According to Gallup

Foster Mentorship

PerkSweet Overview

Finding the time to engage with coworkers can be challenging. PerkSweet can help!

With our opt-in seamless one-on-one scheduling system, employees will have the opportunity to grow existing connections and facilitate new ones.


When asked what leaders could do more to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied, “Give recognition”. However, studies show that only 14% of organizations provide managers with the necessary tools for rewards and recognition.

According to Psychometrics


Collaborative Teams

PerkSweet knows collaboration is a key driver of success and it takes a full team to make miracles happen. PerkSweet teams are a central part of the platform and building a team is simple. Anyone can do it.

Whether you are a leader, observer, idea generator, or just looking to follow along for the ride, PerkSweet teams are built to help you.

Create an Inclusive Culture

Your company is an everchanging and growing organism built by your amazing people. Our employee rewards platform is built to allow your employees the opportunity to foster connections and show genuine appreciation. In order to create an inclusive company culture, you need to understand each and every employee.

Whether remote or in person, PerkSweet can provide them with a voice and allow you to get to know the people that matter most in your company.

PerkSweet Overview PerkSweet Overview PerkSweet Overview PerkSweet Overview PerkSweet Overview PerkSweet Overview

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