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Build a Workplace Community and Culture of Gratitude

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Build a Workplace Community

How can PerkSweet help?
PerkSweet Overview

Show your team you care

PerkSweet's employee recognition and rewards platform helps companies improve employee engagement and build a positive culture through rewards and incentives.

Our platform allows users to publicly recognize and reward their colleagues for exemplary behavior as well as strengthens relationships within the organization. Using PerkSweet, companies can motivate their employees while fostering a sense of community, leading to increased productivity and an improved employee experience.

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“PerkSweet’s Kudos are a fun way to promote a positive culture at our resorts and provide employees a variety of reward options. PerkSweet accommodated our unique structure and multiple currencies. Their hands-on approach has been immensely helpful throughout the launch process.”

Sandals Corporate University Logo

- Michelle L.
Head of Sandals Corporate University

Public Appreciation via Kudos

PerkSweet uses a simple and intuitive Kudos giving system to spur engagement across different employees & teams at your company.

Each user receives a monthly allowance of Kudos to give away to co-workers. Our intuitive Kudos giving process enables users to write a meaningful message and even include a Gif!

Our team of engagement specialists can help you construct Kudo-norms based on company values/preferences. Receiving Kudos can make an employee's day and contribute to a culture of positivity at your company — ultimately lowering turnover!


Companies with highly effective recognition programs focused on employee engagement have 31% lower voluntary turnover

According to Gallup


Amplify Personal Connections with Cards

Welcome, little one!
Animated GIF showing the message "It`s a Boy!" and highlighting the collaborative and personalized nature of PerkSweet`s group ecards.

Blanche, congratulations on the baby boy! Welcome him to the company fam! 😎🎉

We are all thinking of you and enjoy the time off. Don't you dare log on!!

From Jakayla Padberg

So happy for you, Blanche! I hope your dog Rover is excited to have a little brother  (watch out, I hear she can get jealous). Have a great leave!

From Korey Lind V
Animated GIF showing a playing baby and highlighting the collaborative and personalized nature of PerkSweet's group ecards.

Have a great leave Blanche! Get some rest while you still can...


From Luis Heidenreich
Animated GIF showing a baby on the grass and highlighting the collaborative and personalized nature of PerkSweet's group ecards.

Congratulations Blanche!!

Can't wait for my Mark (who says hi from the picture above!) and Baby Blanche to be best friends very soon!

Let me know if you need anything while you are out  😊 

From Daphnee Cormier

Congratulations, Blanche! We will take care of everything while you are out. Any baby would be lucky to have you as a mom!

Be well.

From Lennie Klocko
Animated GIF showing a happy dog and highlighting the collaborative and personalized nature of PerkSweet's group ecards.

I am as happy as this dog for you Blanche! Cannot WAIT to meet him.

Congrats again and let me know if you need anything!!

From Cordia Stamm

Be sure to add superstar mom to your already long list of amazing qualities!  🌟

Congratulations and wishing you a great first month!

From Amya O'Keefe III
Animated GIF showing a dancing baby with a congratulatory message and highlighting the collaborative and personalized nature of PerkSweet's group ecards.

Woo!! Can't believe it! Congratulations and can't wait to meet the little one!

From Rebekah Hermann

Congrats Blanche! So amazing to add another member to your family. See you soon and get some rest  💤   💤

From Nat Beatty

PerkSweet allows you to build free group ecards for any occasion. Whether a colleague received a promotion, got married, had a baby, or was a rockstar on a recent project, our digital group ecards are a perfect solution to celebrate.

Digital group ecards deliver a powerful message to colleagues. These highly interactive cards allow multiple users to enter a customizable message, add a Gif, and even add a video!

Card creators can choose from preset themes or build their own — PerkSweet will take care of all the administrative tasks and reminders.
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PerkSweet will remind you of co-workers' birthdays and work anniversaries in advance!

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“Our employees love PerkSweet. Giving out Kudos is a lot of fun, and it helps promote a positive culture. PerkSweet works seamlessly within Slack which makes it easy to keep up with during the workday.”

Craig Leach Founder & CEO of Collegium Holdings, the parent company of Graham Pelton

Grahm Pelton Logo Collegium Logo

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100+ Brands in 30+ Currencies

Allow employees to instantly redeem Kudos for gift cards from all leading brands. Rewards are easily accessible via email or on their PerkSweet site whenever they need them.

Aspirational Rewards & Special Gifts

PerkSweet offers tons of aspirational rewards such as Apple Watches, Ipads, exotic trips, sporting events, and more! Give these gifts for holidays, significant work anniversaries, and key company milestones.

Receiving aspirational rewards can be a meaningful boost to an employee's confidence and motivation and can help to foster a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work.

Aspirational rewards can be a powerful tool for acknowledging continued dedication and success and helping to maintain a thriving workplace.


When asked what leaders could do more to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied, “Give recognition”. However, studies show that only 14% of organizations provide managers with the necessary tools for rewards and recognition.

According to Psychometrics


Enhanced Data & Analytics

PerkSweet office scene with people working at desks and computers

Monitoring employee pulse and engagement via PerkSweet's Kudos can lead to significant improvements in HR decision making. PerkSweet's team structure allows it to scale effectively and provide deeper insights on a team or individual basis.

Company / Team Pulse
Employee Reviews & Tangible Benchmarks
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives
Employee Benefits Spending
Reward Inventory Tracking

All data can be easily exported for further analysis.

Create an Inclusive Culture

Your company is an ever-changing and growing organism built by your outstanding people. Our employee rewards platform was constructed to allow your employees the opportunity to foster connections and show genuine appreciation. To create an inclusive company culture, you need to recognize,respect and get to know each and every employee.

Whether remote or in person, PerkSweet can give your employees a voice and allow you to get to know the people who matter most in your company.

PerkSweet Overview PerkSweet Overview PerkSweet Overview PerkSweet Overview PerkSweet Overview PerkSweet Overview

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